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TeamSizzle - SISEL News - 2008-01-16

* SISEL Thursday/Friday Call – New Number!
* There once was a man…
* The Importance of AutoPurchase
* Don’t Forget!

** SISEL Thursday/Friday Weekly Company Call – New Number! **

SISEL company conference call from Utah USA at 4.00 p.m. (US Mountain Time) on THURSDAY.

Out of the United States - the international call will be 1 212 231 2901.

For North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) it is 1 800 954 1051

Visit for Time Zone conversions.

** There once was a man… **

There once was a man who lived on a farm.

In January it was time to begin planning the spring’s planting. But he kind of had a general idea about what he was going to plant. So he went back to bed.

In February it was time to begin sharpening the tools. But the barn was too cold. So he went back to bed.

In March it was time to start breaking and preparing the ground. But the tractor needed some work and he didn’t feel like being a mechanic. So he went back to bed.

In April it rained a lot and he really didn’t like slogging through the mud. So he went back to bed.

In May it was too late to plant the spring crops so he thought about the summer crops. But he was depressed after a month of rain. So he went back to bed.

In June it was muggy. He hated to work in the hot humid weather. Summer crops could wait. So he went back to bed.

In July it was just plain HOT. All that sweat made him feel gross. So he went back to bed.

In August it was too late to plant the summer crops so he thought about the fall crops. But he decided to wait for the rains in September. So he went back to bed.

In September the bugs and vermin were particularly bad. Not a good time for planting crops he thought. So he went back to bed.

In October he decided to fix up the barn, paint the house and sharpen the tools for next year. He couldn’t decide what to plant. So he went back to bed.

In November it was tool cold to till the soil and too late to plant anything for this year anyway. So he went back to bed.

In December he starved to death – while still in his bed.

Moral: Stop finding excuses to not do what you should do and start remembering the reasons for doing what you need to do.

How’s your SISEL business growing?

** The Importance of AutoPurchase **

SISEL’s AutoPurchase is a great time saver and it can save your commissions. It is very easy to set up and manage. You can easily change products and orders from month to month. And the online tools show you exactly how much PV your order will provide.

The AutoPurchase system can save your commissions. As you know commissions are paid based on the level of your order, the timing of your order and whether or not your order was purchased through an AutoPurchase.

SISEL has 3 distributor purchase levels:

- Platinum: 300+ PV
- Gold: 200 PV
- Silver: 100PV

The minimum needed to qualify for commissions in the compensation plan is a 100PV purchase. The Gold and Platinum levels qualify you to receive additional commissions on Retail Bonus down 4 and 5 levels (respective) and higher percentages of Fast Start Bonus commissions.

Your commission percentages are based on your purchase level at the beginning or during the week. If you are at a lower purchase level for week 1 you will be paid the lower percentages. If you increase your purchase level with an additional purchase in week 2, you are paid the higher percentages for the next 4 weeks.

Always set your AutoPurchase at the appropriate level for your downline organization. For example if you have 10 or more active people on your 4th level, you will want to at least be at the Gold purchase level to take advantage of the Retail Bonus on your 4th level. Likewise if you have 10 or more active people on your 5th level you will want to be at the Platinum purchase level.

Also the Fast Start and Leadership Development Bonus commissions are paid at higher percentages if you have an active AutoPurchase order. Review the SISEL compensation plan for more details.

Just as it is important to tell others about your new SISEL business and the great SISEL products, it is equally important to set your business up for success. Your appropriate AutoPurchase order is crucial to your overall success in SISEL.

** Don’t Forget! **

* Be sure to set up your AutoPurchase order so you never miss out on commissions.

* The SISEL Forum – visit, register, read, post, enjoy!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Getting Your Business up and running: Step 2 Have your own domain name


Some simple steps in 4 emails to get your business really up and running on the internet and allow prospects the ‘investigate in their own time’ ability.

Emailed steps 1 and 4 so far.

Step 2 - HAVE YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME – this is very cheap, easy to do, and will ensure your contacts go to YOU and not another teamsizzle person by mistake. e.g. If you go to – you get us – every time! If you were sending people to but they type by accident then they will NOT get us and could sign under 98 thinking they are us! This is especially important if the referral has come from an email or business card floating around. This is why we suggest YOUR OWN domain name.

Sometimes there can just be an error – maybe for that time your contact is looking or maybe sometimes or maybe consistently. Here is an example of when we typed and then we tried their ……….. If this had been SISEL Jet’s contact going in – they would have got teamsizzle (spot 49) and signed up with spot 49 – NOT spot 130! So ALWAYS follow-up your contacts and find out if they registered.

So for the sake of $8.99 or $12.99 per year – YOU GET ALL YOUR CONTACTS!

Now we have covered the WHY’s. Here is HOW!

You can use the one David found which is in the teamsizzle back office with instructions. Or you can use one we found which is $8.99 per year for your OWN DOMAIN NAME! If you want privacy (your address and phone number don’t show) then that is $2 per year.

Some examples of .com domain names are These people are assured of getting their contacts going to THEIR teamsizzle websites – check them out.

One trick – if you DON’T want your name showing on the Domain Registration info – then put in a business name rather than your personal name in the name fields when you open the account to buy the Domain Name.

1. Choose your name (search for it on to make sure it is available. Follow the steps to register it. When you get to the referral box you can enter 8K8J9J39M9K8ox if you wish. This is our number. This will give us I think $1 for your referral but if you leave it blank Dynadot gets the $1. Choice is yours.

If you send people to the site to get a domain name you can give them your referral number and then you can get the $1. You find your referral number by logging into your account at and clicking on MY INFO tab, and then on the blue line beneath that click on Referral Log. A new page will show and YOUR referral number will show in BOLD. As people you have referred get a domain name they will show on this page.

2. Set your Domain to URL forward to your teamsizzle site. This means when anyone types in your domain name, they go to your teamsizzle replicating site.

To do this you log into your back office, click on your domain name and a page comes up with options.

Click on the blue wording “Dynadot Webhosting” and this takes you to another page.

Scroll down to the segment that says “Dynadot Forwarding” in Blue.

In the box “Webpage to forward to” you type with xxxxx being your teamsizzle id number.

Then click the box “Forward Domain”.

Within 24-48 hours check that when you type YOUR .com domain name in the address box that it forwards to YOUR teamsizzle website.

Think about this

If you are happy with your website – you are going to tell everybody!

If you have a domain name that you are excited about – you are going to tell everybody!

Leaders – please forward this to your leaders so they can help their downline, thank you.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

TeamSizzle - SISEL News - 2008-01-09

Dear Partner,

Below is the newsletter. Enjoy yourself.


* SISEL Thursday/Friday Call
* Your Address on the Internet
* The Home Business Lifestyle
* The SISEL Lifestyle Bonus
* Don’t Forget!

** SISEL Thursday/Friday Weekly Company Call **

SISEL company conference call from Utah USA at 4.00 p.m. (US Mountain Time) on THURSDAY.

Out of the United States - the international call will be 1 212 676 5375.

For North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) it is 1 888 328 2938

Visit for Time Zone conversions.

** Your Address on the Internet **

A domain name is the name of a website like "" or "" It's like the address of your home. Typing it into the "Address:" or "URL:" box in your browser will take you to that website.

(A "URL" is the address of a website or a web page. In the URL:, the "" portion is the domain name. The "whysisel.html" portion is the particular file or page in that website. The "" portion is really the domain name. The "www" is optional and can be included or not. The http:// portion tells the browser to go to a web page and display it as HTML - the language of web pages.)

A domain name can be a place where there are multiple HTML files/pages (index.html, products.html, etc.) or it can be a pointer to another domain name/website.

We often recommend that distributors purchase (annual fee) their own domain name for their business because it looks more professional and they can easily change it to point to where they please.

For example, if you decide to "register" the domain name "" you could either "host" the domain (usually a monthly fee) or you could "forward" the domain name to a different site/URL like "" (which could be your personalized TS website).

If is hosted, you would need to build your website by making HTML pages for people/browsers to view.

If is forwarded, the person would simply end up on your website (showing your picture/contact info).

On business cards, etc. you could say "Visit" rather than the more complex "Visit" Sometimes people forget to include the "mysite" ending and end up on the main site. But if all they see is "" that's what they type into the browser and it automatically takes them to your site.

When SISEL launches their corporate replicating sites if you choose to use their site, you can change the forward from to your SISEL corporate site. Then you won't have to change links, business cards, etc.

Those are the biggest advantages to having your own domain name; simplicity in typing and ease of changing where is points.

For more information on domain names, a cheap and recommended company to purchase from, and step-by-step instructions on "forwarding" see the "My Domain Name" menu item under the "My Marketing Tools" menu in the Back Office ( .

** The Home Business Lifestyle **

You may have read a post or to about this on the SISEL Forum ( but I had another great opportunity today to enjoy what I like to call the "home business lifestyle."

My 2nd son, Anthony, is in afternoon kindergarten. Today he had to recite a nursery rhyme and act it out. He was very nervous about doing this and didn’t want to go to school because of this assignment. He and I worked on it a bit this morning - a benefit of working at home.

Then after lunch I went to his school in time for his class to do their presentations and was able to stand by him and help him recite his part. He was very excited to have one of the few parents see their child's performance and the only father in the group.

The home business lifestyle provided by SISEL allows me the time freedom to spend extra time with my family and be there for my children.

** The SISEL Lifestyle Bonus **

The SISEL Lifestyle Bonus is an extra way for SISEL to reward you for your achievement in building your downline and your SISEL business. The Lifestyle Bonus is awarded to you after you have achieved 3 months of US$2000 commissions (total from the other 4 bonuses).

The Lifestyle Bonus is paid as a 15% override on your regular commissions up to US$1000. Since you must be earning a minimum of $2000 to earn this bonus your Lifestyle bonus will usually be between $600 and $1000.

This money can go toward a new car, boat, RV, cabin, nicer home or anything that shows your success in SISEL. The idea is for people to see your success in SISEL and realize that they too can be as successful as you.

** Don’t Forget! **

* Be sure to set up your AutoPurchase order so you never miss out on commissions.

* The SISEL Forum – visit, register, read, post, enjoy!


TeamSizzle: Serve. Support. Succeed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 New Year Statements!

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 2008 is finally here!

We will be having a great fresh year to pre-build our SISEL International business from around the world.

Moreover, you can use the website to pre-register any country's people so that you can build your team prior your starting of the business.

This website is provided totally free, so do make full use of it.

Here is the latest newsletter from our upline, pls enjoy it.


* SISEL Thursday/Friday Call
* End of 2007 Challenges
* Let's Make 2008 "SIZZLE!"
* Goals for Your SISEL Business
* The Mower Power of 3 in Building Your SISEL Business
* How To Become An Instant 5-Star Executive
* Don’t Forget!

** SISEL Thursday/Friday Weekly Company Call **

SISEL company conference call from Utah USA at 4.00 p.m. (US Mountain Time) on THURSDAY.

Out of the United States - the international call will be 1 212 676 5375.

For North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) it is 1 888 328 2938

Visit for Time Zone conversions.

** End of 2007 Challenges **

Some of you may have noticed that the website was down for a few days at the end of 2007. We had an issue with the domain name. It was resolved after a day or two and we are working on a solution to avoid the problem in the future.

We wish to give a heart-felt "Thank You" to all who emailed their concern and support. It was comforting to hear how much the site and tools mean to you and are how they are being used in your businesses. TeamSizzle will continue to provide you the best support and tools throughout 2008 and beyond.

You may have also noticed that we did not send out as many newsletters in December as we have in prior months. As for many of you, December has been a busy month as well as a season to spend more time with family and friends. This extended edition of our newsletter contains THREE extensive articles about; Goals, the "Mower Power of 3," and instantly achieving the status of 5-Star Executive.

** Let's Make 2008 "SIZZLE!" **

One thing many people like about the start of a new year is the opportunity the new year brings; the chance to start fresh, renew goals and commitments, and focus our minds on the future.

TeamSizzle had one of the best starts of any team in SISEL during 2007. 2008 will be even better as we expand into more countries, contact thousands more people, and spread the good news about the continuing Mower Mission.

As you think back on where you were at the beginning of 2007 compared to where you are now, let's also think forward to where we want to be at this time in 2009. What do you want your SISEL business to look like? Who will be your leaders? Who will be your new close friends? What will your monthly check be?

All of these things are up to you! And with the strong support and help of your upline leaders and your downline business partners we can all make our dreams come true during this next year!

** Goals for Your SISEL Business **

Many people world-wide take some extra time at the beginning of the year to set goals or make "New Year's Resolutions." You may have heard it said, "if you don’t know where you going, it doesn’t matter where you end up or how fast you get there."

An important part of any business or endeavor is to define not only where you are going but HOW you will get there. So many people make "high-level" goals or resolutions for the new year: "I'm going to lose 20 lbs/kgs)," "I'm going to get a promotion," "I'm going to finish writing that novel," "I'm going to build my home business."

While making those goals (and better yet writing them down and telling someone so they hold you accountable) is a good start, it is often also the "finish." People tend to "put away" their goals, forget them or go on with their day-to-day lives as if the goal was never made.

In addition to making a goal, writing it down and telling someone else about it, you need to make a plan to accomplish the goal. Saying "I will lose 20 lbs/kgs" is good but it must be followed up by a plan. You could decide to walk a mile/km a day, go to the gym often, eat less junk food, etc.

A goal without a plan is like a house design without the real house. It looks good on paper but still isn’t real. It's not real until you begin taking the specific steps to build it.

What are the steps you need to accomplish your goals this year? What are your PLANS?

If you goal is to build your SISEL business or become a 5-Star Executive, what do you need to do each day, week, month, and quarter to accomplish this goal. What steps to you need to take? What actions will you need to perform? Who will help you? What do you want them to do? What tools or information do you need? - What is your plan?

Until you take the time to answer these questions with your upline and downline, your goal is just an empty wish, a far off dream.

So, in making your goals for 2008, take some extra time and make a solid, well defined plan to achieve each of those goals. Divide your goals into manageable steps; things you can do every day or every week. You can even make smaller short terms goals for each month, week and day.

The important thing is to be as specific as possible. How are you going to know what to do to accomplish your goal if you don't know what you need to do? Rely on your upline and even your downline to help you create your SISEL business plan for 2008.

Your achievement can be great in 2008,
if you make a plan and don't leave it to fate.

** The Mower Power of 3 in Building Your SISEL Business **

Many who know the Mowers and have heard them speak know of their love for and promotion of the "Power of 3." In fact SISEL was founded on three powerful new products, FuCoyDon, SpectraAO and SupraMaxx.

And we have the great power of the three Mowers, Tom Sr, Tom Jr., and Darick Mower.

But the Mower Power of 3 concept can also be applied to how you build your SISEL business.

It's actually powerfully simple. Start your SISEL business by finding three people and help them find three. Do this in your first month! Not only will this provide the excitement of quick success but it will also help you earn enough in your first month to pay for your SISEL products.

If you, each of your three people and each of their three people are purchasing 100PV worth of product you will actually pay for your 100PV purchase plus probably make a bit extra. A profitable business in the very first month? Unheard of! But you CAN do it with the Mower Power of Three.

Now let's say in the second month your three are helping their three get three and you find another three and help them get three. At the end of this 2nd month you could easily have 51 people in your downline and qualify as an Executive in your 2nd month.

If you continue this pattern, in your 3rd month you will have 169 people in your downline with 3 Executive legs and will be a 2-Star Executive.

By your 5th month you could easily be a full 5-Star Executive with 9 Executive legs and not a dime out of your pocket.

Sure this is all "numerically possible" but why does it so seldom happen?

Three reasons: 1) Lack of belief, 2) Lack of action, 3) Lack of follow through.

Lack of Belief: Are you truly excited about the possibilities of being in SISEL so early? Do you have a plan or a vision for your SISEL business? Do you approach people with excitement and urgency? Do you let temporary set-backs and disappointments make you stumble or get discouraged?

Lack of Action: How many great and specific plans have failed due to a simple lack of action? How many goals have you not reached because you never took the first step? How many dreams have you given up on because you never did anything to achieve them?

Lack of Follow Through: How many great opportunities have you missed despite a great start because you simply gave up or lost interest? How many people and relationships have slipped through your fingers because you didn't keep in contact?

What will you do to change all this? What will you do to believe, act and follow through?

You can tap into the Mower Power of 3 and build your SISEL business like no other. You can see the "numerically possible" growth in your downline if you simply believe, act and follow through.

What do you need to do to believe? What do you need to do to act? What do you need to do to follow through?

At this time of a new year, new beginnings and new goals, take some time to consult with your upline and downline and make a commitment to use the Mower Power of 3 in building your global SISEL business.

** How To Become An Instant 5-Star Executive **

Often we are asked by people in countries that are not yet opened; "what is the best way for me to build my business."

The ultimate goal for anyone in SISEL is 5-Star Executive. As a 5-Star Executive you tap into the entire SISEL compensation plan many, many levels deep. A person with a solid 5-Star Executive business is probably earning enough to consider working their SISEL business full-time.

But how can people in un-opened countries participate now or build their SISEL business?

The best plan is to set a goal to become an INSTANT 5-Star Executive. The day SISEL opens in your country you want to have an organization of leaders and downline that will instantly catapult you to 5-Star Executive status – the first in your country!

To do this is really quite simple and will cost you nothing in product or sign-up fees. It simply costs the time and commitment you are willing to spend to earn this great achievement.

If you are familiar with the SISEL compensation plan, you will realize that achieving the 5-Star Executive level requires 4 things; 1) a 200+PV AutoPurchase order, 2) 1000 monthly Group Volume, 3) 5000 cumulative Group Volume, and 4) 9 Qualified Executive Legs.

But what most people don't realize is that all this can be accomplished in the very first month your country is opened. All it takes is your commitment to building and leading your downline team.

First, you find 9 or more strong, solid leaders (or even people willing to become leaders). You gather their information via the or site, or even on paper.

Next, you commit each leader (including yourself) to an initial order of 200PV or more (300PV is best to maximize their Fast Start Bonus).

Then, you help each of your leaders build a downline of 50 or more people all committed to a 100PV or more initial purchase. If all commitments are followed through when your country opens you will be an instant 5-Star Executive and each of your 9+ leaders will be instant Executives (many could also be 2, 3, 4, even 5-Star Executives).

You may also find that many people in your downline will qualify for SISEL's Lateral Transfer Program and will not have to have the 5000 cumulative Group Volume. This makes it that much easier to achieve 9 qualified Executive legs.
And it will never be easier than that very first month. All sales volume in your downline that first month is 100% counted toward each upline. It is extremely easy for anyone to become a qualified Executive in their first month if they just plan and build a moderate downline.

But just gathering a list of names is not enough. You need to commit to being a true leader to your downline. That means regular communication, support, information, and encouragement.

But you can do it. You can become the first instant 5-Star Executive in your country with just a little preparation, a good plan and a reasonable amount of effort.

** Don’t Forget! **

* Be sure to set up your AutoPurchase order so you never miss out on commissions.

* The SISEL Forum – visit, register, read, post, enjoy!


TeamSizzle: Serve. Support. Succeed.