Friday, March 7, 2008

Do you want a replicating SISEL Website?

This message came from my upline leaders. Please share your comments.



SISEL Replicating Websites are up and running J Online Enrolment will be added to them later.

They are for countries that are open for product purchase – so at this stage it is Japan, NZ, USA. YES!!!! JAPANESE CAN HAVE WEBSITES!!!!

To get one log into your SISEL back office and go to à My Account Menu à click on MY SISEL WEBSITE à and follow the instructions on the page that comes up.

We had some difficulty loading our photo with the SISEL website saying ‘it was the wrong format’. It was actually because it was too large, and Calvin kindly reduced it for us so it would upload. So you know what to do if that happens to you!

Our website is

David’s website is

Calvin’s website is

First in first serve gets the extension name (alias) you want.

Now there is a cost for these replicating sites - $10USD per month or $100USD per year (discount). The first 30 days is free. If you would like to see it lower then by all means write and ask for a reduction for them to be free for everyone. We have asked already but it did not change. Perhaps many might bring a different result?

Assuring Your Health, Your Wealth and Your Future

Team Sizzle New Zealand and Global ........... Going Number 1

Info from David’s weekly Teamsizzle Newsletter on these websites:

Although not specified you will probably be able to pay for your site out of our eWallet. The site can also be personalized with your name, email and biography (see the "About Me" link at the top of the "teamsizzle" site.

Visitors can view an overview of the compensation plan on the "Opportunity" page and review product information on the "Products" page.

And info from SISEL International website about these:

Your Own Personal SISEL Website - First 30 Days Free!*

  • You've made the correct choice to join the SISEL team.

Now take the next step to success by activating your personal, SISEL website. The most successful Distributors use a variety of techniques to find recruits and teach new members on their team. One highly beneficial method is to create your own SISEL website. This winning, SISEL service offers you on-line presence without programming expertise - and the first 30 days are free!

The great thing about a SISEL replicating website is your ability to personalize it. You tell your success story and why you chose SISEL above all other companies. It is an excellent opportunity for you to tell others about the great benefits of SISEL products and the rewards of joining your SISEL team.

  • The advantages of having a personal, SISEL website:
    • Provides a professional quality to your personal business
    • Helps increase sales
    • Requires no programming skills
    • Eliminates need for a programmer
    • Gives you control of content**
    • Works around the clock for you.
  • What you need to do to activate your SISEL website:
    • Enter your Distributor ID and Password near the top of this page.
    • Select 'My Account' and scroll down and click 'My SISEL'.

* The first 30 days are free of charge for your personal, SISEL website. After 30 days, there is a monthly charge of $9.99, or $99.99 for an entire year — a savings of almost $20.00.

** Subject to review by
SISEL's Compliance Department

Already Have Your Own Website?

  • Click here to read urgent information concerning registering websites that contain SISEL content.

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