Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Great News Gets Better! New SISEL Promotions Will Help You Succeed!

Dear SISEL Distributor:

Great news gets BETTER! The highly anticipated Free Shipping Campaign is off and running. Qualify to Save BIG and save NOW by taking advantage of this campaign. The best news of the day is that we’ve made one BIG change. SISEL will now accept credit cards for order payment! Great gets BETTER!

All other qualifications remain the same:

  1. Orders must be placed online
  2. Distributors must use their e-wallet AND/OR Credit Card
  3. Order must exceed 300 PV and meet Platinum level
  4. Product must be OTG
  5. Order must be AP

For more details go to www.siselinternational.com.

Get started immediately. Qualify to SAVE! Save BIG! Save NOW!


Get ready for the opportunity of a Lifetime! Enjoy a 5-day, expense-paid, summer trip that offers you personalized training by Tom and Darick Mower, and a lot of outdoor fun at Mower Mountain.

MLM Distributors know that the best way to build business is to help others achieve their financial goals. Now, from March 1 to May 31, 2008 you can profit even more. During this time period, existing Distributors will be rewarded points for enrolling new Distributors. Additional points are accumulated by helping the new Distributor qualify for Platinum rank. The top twenty-five Distributors, who earn the most points, win.

Winners will enjoy the great outdoors in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Boating, horseback riding, hiking, four wheeling and more—all with Darick and Tom Mower Jr. And to top it all of, winners will spend a day of personal training on SISEL products presented by the Mowers. Be the envy of Distributors everywhere. Start planning to build today!

For more information, please visit our website: www.siselinternational.com.

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