Thursday, March 20, 2008

TeamSizzle - SISEL News - 2008-03-19

* SISEL Thursday/Friday Call – Next Call TOMORROW!
* New Product - SISEL Bath and Shower Gel
* New Product - SISEL Firm Hold Hair Spray
* Are You Enjoying the Fab Four?
* Web Sites Server Upgrade
* Don't Forget!

** SISEL Thursday/Friday Weekly Company Call - Next Call TOMORROW! **

SISEL company conference call from Utah USA at 4.00 p.m. (US Mountain Time) on THURSDAY.

Out of the United States - the international call will be 1 212 231 2901.

For North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) it is 1 800 954 1051

Visit for Time Zone conversions.

** New Product – SISEL Bath and Shower Gel **

From a recent SISEL email:

"Raise your bath or shower experience to a new level of clean with SISEL Bath & Shower Gel. A rich blend of quality ingredients clean, soften and protect the skin. Sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera juice and a hint of botanicals help restore a youthful, glowing appearance to face and body. SISEL Bath & Shower Gel contains the sweet fragrance of pear to delight the senses and transport your mind far from daily stresses to a fresh, spring meadow. Try SISEL Bath and Shower Gel once and you will never go back to an ordinary shower again."

Although not yet officially announced the SISEL Bath and Shower Gel is coming soon. Availability and pricing will also be made known at the time of the official announcement.

** New Product – SISEL Firm Hold Hair Spray **

Another new product due out soon is the SISEL Firm Hold Hair Spray. Although more specific details have not yet been released we should she this product and the Bath and Shower Gel soon.

** Are You Enjoying the Fab Four? **

SISEL's Fab Four products: FuCoyDon, SpectraAO and SupraMaxx for Him and Her.

Are you enjoying the tremendous health benefits and nutritional boost of these great products?

If not, you are missing out on energy, balance, protection and increased health and wellness.

There is a reason they were the first four products SISEL introduced as a brand new company. They were and are the for products the Mower feel can have the most impact on every person in the world regardless of your current health.

As many people from other companies have seen, these SISEL products are not just better than other "health" drinks on the market (both in and out of MLM companies), they can easily replace two, three, four or more different drinks and supplements promoted by other companies - especially the "one product wonders" and "me-too" companies.

SISEL's health drink products are not about the "berry of the month" or "ancient secret formula" gimmicks touted by so many other companies. They are based on solid evidence-based science, nutritional formulation and modern manufacturing processes that ensure you get the best, safest, and most potent nutritional supplements anywhere.

Do something to keep your health in balance every day. SISEL's Fab Four products provide you with the minerals, antioxidants, and the amazing benefits fucoidan that your body needs, craves and deserves!

** Web Sites Server Upgrade **

TeamSizzle is pleased to announce the necessary and successful upgrade of the web server computer that powers our popular and websites. The upgrade was necessary to handle the current and future traffic we have been experiencing due to the growth and success of TeamSizzle. Our new server has double the memory, much more room on the hard drive, and a faster processor.

Although we were not immediately pressed to perform the upgrade we like to stay ahead of the growth. The upgrade went well except for some longer than expected downtime on the site and a few "hiccups" with the DNS and IP address changes. Overall it was a great success and we wish to thank our webmaster and technical support crew for their preparation, execution and the fast and professional way they handled the aforementioned "opportunities."

** Don't Forget! **

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