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TeamSizzle - SISEL News - 2008-03-05

* SISEL Thursday/Friday Call – Next Call TOMORROW!
* New SISEL Websites:
* Free Shipping on Qualifying SISEL Orders
* There's Always Time For What's Most Important
* Don't Forget!

** SISEL Thursday/Friday Weekly Company Call - Next Call March 6th/7th **

SISEL company conference call from Utah USA at 4.00 p.m. (US Mountain Time) on THURSDAY.

Out of the United States - the international call will be 1 212 231 2901.

For North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) it is 1 800 954 1051

Visit for Time Zone conversions.

** NEW SISEL Websites:

SISEL has launched the SISEL personalized websites at Websites are available to people in opened countries (Japan, New Zealand, USA) and will be made available as each additional country is opened for business.

(From the site:)

The advantages of having a personal, SISEL website:

- Provides a professional quality to your personal business
- Helps increase sales
- Requires no programming skills
- Eliminates need for a programmer
- Gives you control of content (subject to review)
- Works around the clock for you

Read more about the new personalized websites at:

Take a look at one of the first sites:

The MySISEL site is available for US$9.99/month or US$99.99 annually (a savings of $20). Although not specified you will probably be able to pay for your site out of our eWallet. The site can also be personalized with your name, email and biography (see the "About Me" link at the top of the "teamsizzle" site.

Online enrollment is still under construction but information about enrolling in SISEL is provided under the "Join My Team" menu. Visitors can view an overview of the compensation plan on the "Opportunity" page and review product information on the "Products" page.

Also, if you are currently running your own website or thinking about starting one, SISEL now has guidelines for registering your site with SISEL:

SISEL Website Policies (PDF)
(copy and paste this link if it is split in your email)

** Free Shipping on Qualifying SISEL Orders **

This week SISEL has also announced the expansion of the no cost shipping program. SISEL has expanded the qualifications to allow orders purchased with your eWallet OR a CREDIT CARD to count toward the no cost shipping.

In summary you order must:

- Placed online through your SISEL Back Office
- Placed as an AutoPurchase (AP) order
- Paid for by eWallet OR credit card
- Be greater than 300PV ( = Platinum Distributor Level)
- Include products that are On The Ground (OTG) in your country

This offer lasts from March 1st through May 31st so take advantage of no cost shipping and stock up on SISEL's amazing products. Remember if you are not using the products to entice new customers and distributors you are missing out on one of our strongest sales tools.

For more information see:
(copy and paste this link if it is split in your email)

** There's Always Time For What's Most Important **

Have you ever heard the excuse or lament: "I just don’t have enough time."

Well whether you realize it or not you ALWAYS have time for the things that are MOST important to you.

But how can anyone say that when there are so many thing we HAVE to do whether we want to or not?

The "trick" is in the idea that we tend to gravitate to doing the things that really ARE most important to us. The "problem" is what is most important to us changes from moment to moment.

When you wake up in the morning the most important thing for you to do may be to go to your job. Or it may be to drive your kids to school. Or it may be to relax and read a good book.

When someone says they "don't have time," what they are really saying is "that is not important enough to me to make time to do it."

Yes, we have responsibilities, obligations and duties that may take a lot of our time and may not really be what we want to be doing right then. But by the very fact that we consider them a responsibility, obligation or duty and that we choose to do them shows that they truly are important to us.

What often defines our success (or failure) is what we choose to do with the non-obligated time we have. What do you do or even think about in the few "spare" moments you have each day? What do are your priorities for your days off? What things to you try to "find" time to do? What would you rather be doing right now?

You can choose things that help you grow, build, learn, create, serve others, etc. Or you can choose activities that will challenge you or even entertain you. But by our very choices we are saying to the world what our priorities really are (at least at that time).

So the next time you get ready to say: "I just don't have time," stop for a moment and think about what that is saying about your true priorities.

** Don't Forget! **

* Be sure to set up your AutoPurchase order so you never miss out on commissions.

* The SISEL Forum – visit, register, read, post, enjoy!


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