Friday, March 14, 2008

TeamSizzle - SISEL News - 2008-03-12

* SISEL Thursday/Friday Call – Next Call March 20th/21st
* TeamSizzle Friday/Saturday Skype Chat
* SISEL News "Bytes"
* Websites
* Scheduled Maintenance for and Sites
* Don't Forget!

** SISEL Thursday/Friday Weekly Company Call - Next Call March 20th/21st **

This week's call is postponed. The next corporate call will be March 20th/21st at the regular time.

** TeamSizzle Friday/Saturday Skype Chat

This week TeamSizzle will host another special Skype chat for all who would like to participate. The group Skype chat will be held on Friday at 4pm US Mountain Time (11pm Germany, 7-9am Australia, 11am New Zealand). (Remember the US changed to Daylight Savings Time last Sunday.)

Please register your Skype account with the "teamsizzle" Skype account and let us know of your interest in participating.

To add yourself as a TeamSizzle Skype contact:
1. Open your Skype program and select the "Tools" menu tab.
2. Then select the "Search for Skype Users..." option.
3. When the window opens type "teamsizzle" and click on the "Find" button.
4. Select the "TeamSizzle – United States, Spanish Fork" account (highlight in blue).
5. Then click on the "Add Skype Contact" button.
6. A new window will open where you can type in a message to "teamsizzle".
7. Then click the "Ok" button.

If you have questions you would like the TeamSizzle leadership to address during the chat, please email your questions to

The chat will also be edited and made available to TeamSizzle members on the website and/or through email.

** SISEL News "Bytes" **

- FuCoyDon Intensified is now available in the USA market and will expand to other world markets as soon as the upgraded product is approved.

- No Cost shipping on Platinum AP Orders (300+PV) for March – May – place your order today!

- SISEL is currently interviewing for a country manager for the New Zealand and Australia areas.

- At the end of April SISEL will launch a USA Road Tour holding meetings in various cities throughout the US. Be sure to keep your friends and contacts informed of meetings in their area. Schedule to be announced.

** Websites **

As was announced in last week's TeamSizzle Newsletter and on the company call, personalized websites are now available to distributors in open markets.

The websites allow you to select an alias (the portion at the end as well as allowing you to upload a picture and create a biography page. Your name and email address will automatically appear (based on your SISEL Distributor account information).

Also you will be able to select from several themes or looks for the site as well as the focus of the site (products, opportunity, etc.). These settings are all available through your SISEL Back Office under the "My Account" | "My SISEL Website" menu option.

Currently there is one look and focus available for selection but more will be added soon. As well as ONLINE ENROLLMENT and ONLINE ORDERING for customers who visit your site!

Don’t delay, get your site set up today!

** Scheduled Maintenance for and Sites **

The and sites will possibly be down for up to an hour sometime between the hours of 6am and 9am USA Mountain Daylight time, Wednesday, March 19th.

The downtime will allow us to move to a more advanced server to handle the increased traffic TeamSizzle is experiencing now and in the future.

Please take this downtime into consideration when planning email and online campaigns. If you have a question or concern about the timing of the scheduled maintenance, please email us at

** Don't Forget! **

* Be sure to set up your AutoPurchase order so you never miss out on commissions.

* The SISEL Forum – visit, register, read, post, enjoy!


TeamSizzle: Serve. Support. Succeed.

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